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The below resources and links are for Tax-Aide volunteers.

Click on any of the below links to navigate to the appropriate

information page:

AARP Volunteer Portal log-in

  • Tax-Aide Librairies

  • Tax Training

  • TaxSlayer Information

  • Expense Reimbursement Form

AARP Volunteer Training & Certification Page

Counselor Resources Page

  • Iowa Vehicle Registration Fee Deduction Worksheet

  • Iowa Income Tax Volunteer Training and Reference Book

  • Iowa Income Tax Volunteer Training Quiz

  • Iowa Income Tax Volunteer Training Quiz Answers

  • Iowa School District Numbers & Surtax Rates Table

  • “Birth year to 2020 age” Conversion Table

  • Iowa Proration, Fed. Tax Paid & Veh. Reg. Fee Calculator

  • Iowa Tax Return Quality Review Sheet for TaxSlayer

  • IRS Publication 4012 – VITA/VCE Volunteer Resource Guide

  • IRS Publication 17 Tax Guide

  • NTTC Modified Publication 4012 – Tax Year 2020

  • TaxSlayer Direct Debit Printing from TaxSlayer

  • TaxSlayer Iowa Splitting between Taxpayer & Spouse Guide

  • TaxSlayer Iowa Splitting Worksheet

  • Tim’s Tax-Aide Preparer Process for Counselors

  • TaxSlayer Iowa section – where to enter additions, subtractions & deductions

Iowa Dept. of Revenue Income Tax Information Page

  • Iowa 1040 Expanded Instructions

  • Iowa DOR Tax Professionals page

  • Iowa Income Tax forms

IRS Information Page

  • Federal Tax Forms

  • Federal Tax Tables

  • IRS Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA)

  • IRS Site Coordinator Corner

  • IRS Tax Map Search Site

  • IRS Volunteer Tax Alerts (VTA)

Jeff Bogart’s Toolbox

  • ACA Affordability Calculator

  • Pension Exclusion Calculator

  • Dependent Qualification Calculator

  • Education Calculator

  • Various Other Calculators & Tools

TaxSlayer Pro VITA/TCE Springboard

  • TaxSlayer Practice Lab (Link & Learn)

  • TaxSlayer VITA/TCE Blog & Other Resources

  • TaxSlayer Pro Online Log-in

TaxSlayer Practice Lab Video fix for Chrome browser